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Frequently Asked Questions


How do I get registered with aamarPay?

You can get started quickly by providing few documents and filling and providing document by aamarPay & bank in soft copy format. We need documents as below:

  • Trade license
  • TIN
  • VAT (if any)
  • NID
  • Photo (1 Copy)
  • Partnership Deed (If partnership company where owners are more than one)
  • Certificate of Incorporation (If Private Limited Company)
  • Article Memorandum (If Private Limited Company)

Additional Document: We will provide below:

  • aamarPay Application Form.
  • Bank Sub Merchant Registration form (You need to fill it up then take a print, sign with seal, scan and send us back via email to support@aamarpay.com

Also send us the below information while you send documents scan copy:

  • Company name, Contact name, Email, Phone, City, Address with Zip Code, Mobile Number, Domain name, Hosting IP.

How do you provide Technical support?

We do provide support via Email & Phone almost 16/7 hours at the moment. Our holidays are Friday & Saturday and other government declared national holidays


I'm doing first transaction, could you please help?

It’s easy, just go to your vendors website and follow the process mentioned below:

Add to cart > checkout > select shipping method > select payment by aamarPay > select the option you prefer > input the required fields and You are DONE !


What is Charge Back?

A charge back is a refund that is requested by the customer through their credit card company or issuer i.e: Bank or NBFI. This occurs when a customer formally disputes a charge usually because their card was stolen or product or service received below their expectation or mistakenly charged


How do you Payout ?

We do disburse of payment weekly twice based on available working day. During bank holidays or weekly holiday or government declared holidays we do not disburse any payment


What if i want to change my bank account?

You need to send your updated bank account information on your company letterhead pad with a seal and signature to authenticate your change of bank account with reason.


Is there any Portal or App to check Transaction?

Yes, there’s a merchant panel (merchant.aamarpay.com) as well as a mobile app named aamarPay Merchant to monitor your online transactions, settlement, refunds, chargebacks, etc. You should have a user account to which you can log in.


What are the reasons behind for Failed Transactions?

There are a number of reasons why a transaction could fail including Declined by gateway bank or auto-reverse from the bank, transaction ID mismatch, amount mismatch, PIN mismatch, Unattempted/Expired transaction from the customer, or problem with the customer’s internet connection.


Is my transaction safe over online?

Yes ! aamarPay does not store your card information and transmit it securely so that your safety can be ensured with highest security and compliance.


Is Debit & Credit Card Allowed over aamarPay?

Yes ! aamarPay ensures both Debit & Credit card with Visa & MasterCard logo. If you have a card, please make sure that it is usable over online through your bank. International cards can be transacted only if it is issued by any bank. No virtual card or prepaid card will be allowed to avoid fraudulent activities.


Is there any hidden charges?

No ! We do not charge monthly nor we have any hidden charges. But if any charge back happens through your merchant account, we will charge you back as per charge back policy ratio.


Do you provide Development Support?

Yes ! We develop, customize and maintain websites and estores for merchants and any other business with domain, hosting and messaging support for a long with a reasonable price and packages.


Who can't apply for aamarPay Payment Gateway?

This service only offered to Bangladeshi and registered companies in Bangladesh. aamarPay will not accept any application from the party involves in one of the following products, services and activities:

  • Pornography & Adult Content
  • Firearms, Ammunition, High Capacity Magazines, Tasers, Air Guns
  • Fireworks or Pyrotechnic Devices or Supplies
  • Unapproved Drugs
  • Gambling Transactions
  • Theft Products
  • Money Laundering
  • Pyramid Scheme Program
  • Terrorism
  • And other activities that against Bangladesh government laws

What is the refund & dispute policy?

We receive the dispute and investigate, if it is found valid we refund the payment to customer directly after checking with Bank or MFI & the merchant itself.


What are the Plugins / API support you have?

Yes, we have support for major CMS and Frameworks which includes popular CMS & ecommerce platforms. Like WooCommerce for WordPress, Open Cart, Magento, WHMCS, PrestaShop, Zent Cart, OsCommerce, Laravel API, Custom API etc.


I have another website ! How to on board that to aamarPay!

Please get in touch with our Key Account Manager who will connect you with an agent for new account registration. Once the integration is complete, a new MID will be requested for the respective website.


How to retrieve forgotten password of merchant account?

You have to send an email at support@aamarpay.com from your registered email with aamarPay. Our support team will reset your login credentials and send them to your email address.

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